Rebecca Kazinka

Graduate Student, Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research Program
  • BS, Psychology, Haverford College
  • Minor in Neural and Behavioral Sciences, Haverford College
Research Interests

I am interested in trust and social decision making, and in particular how these functions break down in the context of psychopathology and schizophrenia. My research uses a range of methods, from Amazon Mechanical Turk to neuroimaging.

Selected Publications
  • Compton, R. J., Hofheimer, J., & Kazinka, R. (2013). Stress regulation and cognitive control: Evidence relating cortisol reactivity and neural responses to errors. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci, 13, 152-163.
  • Compton, R. J., Hofheimer, J., Kazinka, R., Levinson, A. R., & Zheutlin, A. (2013). Alpha suppression following performance errors is correlated with depression, affect and coping behaviors. Emotion, 13(5), 905-914.
Contact Information