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Krista Wisner

Krista Wisner

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Title/Position: Graduate Student, PhD Candidate
  • BS, Psychbiology & Psychology, Lebanon Valley College
  • MA, Psychology, University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Serious Mental Illness, Cognition, fMRI, Intrinsic Connectivity
Selected Publications:
  • Abram, S.V., Wisner, K.M., Grazioplene, R.G., Krueger, R.F., MacDonald, III, A.W., DeYoung, C.G. (Submitted). Insula Networks' Functional Coherence Predicts Externalizing Behavior.

  • Moodie, C.A., Wisner, K.M., & MacDonald, III, A.W. (2014). Characteristics of Canonical Intrinsic Connectivity Networks Across Tasks and Monozygotic Twin Pairs. Human Brain Mapping

  • Wisner, K.M., Patzelt, E.H., Lim, K.O., & MacDonald, III, A.W. (2013). An Intrinsic Connectivity Network Approach to Insula-Derived Dysfunctions among Cocaine Users. Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse.

  • Poppe, A., Wisner, K.M., Atluri, G., Lim, K.O., Kumar, V., MacDonald, III, A. W. (2013). Toward a Neurometric Foundation for Independence Component Analysis of MRI Data. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci.

  • Wisner, K.M., Atluri, G., Lim, K.O., MacDonald, III, A.W. (2013). Neurometrics of intrinsic connectivity networks: Retest reliability and cross-validation using a meta-level method. NeuroImagei


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